One of Transcendence Theatre Company’s concerts (2012)

Dear Sonoma Valley, my Transcendence Family, and the Larger Arts Community,

It is my hope, that in telling my story, I can be part of a group effort to transform words into action within Transcendence Theatre Company for the benefit of its founders, its workers, and for our wonderful, warm, and loving communities — both our local community here in Sonoma County and our larger arts community worldwide. As Nikko Kimzin said, “This is not a call out but a call in.”

My work with Transcendence Theatre Company spanned from 2011–2015, including work in multiple roles and in many departments…

Brooke Tansley

Storyteller & entrepreneur. From a post-war ex-industrial town to Times Square to Hollywood to the redwoods. From stage to screen to the startup world.

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